About us

Because of Her is about empowering women through positive and engaging storytelling.

At Because of Her, we’re inspired by women who face life head on. From the women who’ve overcome challenges, to the women who are living the dream. Sometimes we just want to hear real stories, from real women.

We want to talk about women’s successes and victories. From small wins, such as baking the perfect cake or finally being able to do push-ups on your toes, to the bigger stuff like launching your own business, finishing your university degree or buying your first home.

We’ll also talk about the hard stuff. Like mental health, having a baby or not having a baby, the pressure to achieve, financial security, being a single mother, losing a parent, addiction and sexuality. By talking about the good stuff and the bad stuff, we’re aiming to create a safe space where women can listen or share their experiences without judgement.

At Because of Her we talk about real things that matter to real women.

Because, together we can empower each other.